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Are you ready for the electric powered revolution?

EV home charger installers Northampton.

If you have an electric car (EV for short) or thinking of buying one, recharging tops the list when it comes to concerns. Moving to this new way of motoring can create a situation called ‘range anxiety’, fuelling a fear that someone will run out of battery.

The best thing to do is to take the matter into your own hands and get a good home charging solution. This will make your life easier and you’ll save you money in the long run too.

Home charging - The basics

Electric vehicles (EVs for short), come with a standard three-pin charging cable and can be used on any 13 amp home socket. This type of charging is known as "slow charging".
Basic home chargers are available in different power outputs, based on your power supply at home and the price of the charger. A 3.7kW charger will charge in around 11hrs, which is good for overnight charging.
If this seems like a long time, do not fear, many homes have the available capacity to install a 7kW "fast charger" that will do the same in around 6hrs or good for a quick boost if you’re in and out.
The priciest “rapid charger” units deliver as much as 22kW and a recharge in approximately 2-4hrs. It would be perfect for the busy home. Note, it may need additional infrastructure on some properties to achieve this.

Charging on the Road

For a list of all of the UK charging sites visit zapmap.com

The boring techy bit.

A kilowatt (kW) refers to the power rating of a home charge point and is the maximum amount of power that can be drawn from the socket at any one time. 1kW is a measure of electricity and is equal to 1000 watts. A typical household appliance like a dishwasher uses about 1800 watts or 1.8kW.
Why not just use a regular three pin plug?
It’s safer and easier to use a dedicated power point, and can help you to charge your vehicle faster than a regular 13amp socket. For example, a 3 pin plug can take up to 12 hours to fully charge an electric car, depending on the vehicle. However, a 7kW charger can reduce this time by half.

Important note on three-pin safety

There is one very important safety aspect. A 13A socket is not designed to be at maximum load for a long durations as it will burn out the socket.
2kw is the maximum recommendation for a constant load. Anymore should be on a dedicated circuit.

Which charger is right for me?

If you only drive short journeys each day, bringing the car back with a healthy amount of battery remaining, you perhaps only need a 3.6kW charger to slowly recharge the vehicle overnight. If you are in and out and travel further, then the higher power options would be a good investment and also future proof for change of lifestyle or vehicle type. It really comes down to your daily routine and cost.

What’s an OLEV Grant?

The OLEV Grant is upto £350 towards the cost of the charger and installation at home, available to all electric car owners. OLEV is short for the Office for Low Emission Vehicles. And the grant available to eligible owners is called the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme or “EVHS” for short.

Key eligibility criteria is:

  • Company or private car
  • Properties with off-street parking.

Why are some charge points not OLEV approved?

The Government has made it compulsory for all electric car chargers to be ‘Smart’ Chargers, as of 1st July 2019. The charge point must also be installed by an OLEV authorised installer. Choosing a supplier that is not on the list will most likely mean incurring the full cost of the unit and installation. For more details on the Homecharge and related schemes, visit the OLEV website.

What’s a Smart Charger?

Smart Charging refers to an advanced charging system that can monitor, manage, and restrict the use of your vehicle charge to optimise energy consumption at peak and off-peak times.
Compared to unmonitored charging, Smart Charging will deliver the optimum electricity-usage by charging at the best time and allow the option to put energy from the car back into grid at peak times, reducing your home electricity bills. Clever stuff.

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