If you have a Tesla, shouldn’t you have a Tesla home charger?

If you have a Tesla, shouldn’t you have a Tesla home charger?

Tesla is a leading worldwide brand in electric vehicles and you may believe that it’s the pinnacle of charger choices. 

The Tesla chargers themselves are not OLEV-fundable. So they’re not smart chargers, so you wouldn’t be able to claim any grant money back should you be available. 

You have to own a Tesla in order to buy the charger, so there’s certainly a bit of exclusivity.. They are a neat looking bit of kit and obviously come with a fixed cable. 

They’re not socketed. They’re tethered units. They’ll have a 2.5 or a 7.5-metre cable, and that cable will be a Type 2 connector to suit your Tesla. 

Accredited installers for Tesla

We’re proud to be accredited installers for Tesla charge points. If you have a Tesla and wish to have a Tesla charger installed at your property, then reach out and we can help do that for you. They’ll definitely be a point of conversation and the ‘ultimate cool’ statement.

How much are Tesla Home Charge points in the UK? 

£460 from Tesla* 

*April 2020 

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