Should I use a public EV charge point or install a home charger?

Should I use a public EV charge point or install a home charger?

There are many public networks where you can charge through an app that you will upload your card details and debit from your account when you use it.

Some public charge points also have a contactless facility where you’ll just pay, beep your card on it and off you go. But the cost of charging your vehicle will be more than it would be if you was to use a good energy tariff at home. 

And those tariffs are moving forward as well now. Where back in the day when solar is on the roof of the houses and still is, people will be selling energy back to the grid at a profit.

Big Company Price marketing

The big companies, BP Chargemaster, Pod Point and a few others. They’re mentioning installation for around £400 pounds for a 32 amp, tethered, smart charge points. 

In some cases that may be the case, but speaking to clients who we’ve done work for who’ve had quotes, those costs were considerably more. Because everyone’s installation is going to be individual and it’s going to be different.

As I mentioned earlier on your standard, you could have an installation, where you may have only a metre or two of distance from supply to where the EV points are going to be. 

Those ones you may well be looking at around about your £350, £400 mark for the installation. But generally customers want the EV points in that particular location and may want it a little further away for convenient charging.

With chargepoint distance comes installation time and extra materials. 

It is difficult to put a single figure on a cost of an installation. But I think you would be looking to pay in general around about between £500 and £700 for an OLEV registered installer to install an 32 amp, tethered, type 2, smart charge points at your property.

You may be able to buy the equipment at a cheaper rate through an installer

It’s not hugely different to the prices you can find online as what we will pay. But as this market increases and the demand increases, those charge points’ costs will decrease as well. I mean, you go, you can buy a 32 amp charge points, buy a Cube EV, which is a non-smart charge points, for around £299.

So, there’s a lot of options here in order to find the best possible solution for your budget and for your property. I would always say use a registered qualified electrician who is qualified for installation of EV points to make sure that the earth and arrangements around them is correct.

OLEV Smart Charger Requirements

Snce July, 2019 they must be smart. It must be a smart charge points that will communicate with your smart meter. And like we spoke about earlier around the battery storage and measuring demand. So that’s the point why any non-smart are not eligible by the government.

Is your vehicle Eligible for the OLEV?

You need to consider that your vehicle itself is an eligible vehicle to make sure that that vehicle is eligible for the OLEV charge points grant scheme. Because not all the vehicles are. 

If you’ve got a plugin hybrid, most of the times, yes you are. But certainly if you are 100% electric vehicle, it is. But not all vehicles with an electric motor, should I say, particularly your standard hybrid vehicles that aren’t plugins, they won’t be eligible.

The most cost effective way is to charge at home.

If you have a smart meter on your vehicle, and use the right energy tariff, home charging for your electric vehicle really is the best option.

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