Have you heard of EO electric charge points?

Have you heard of EO electric charge points?

We are proud to announce our new accreditation for EO charging equipment. We have now completed our training regarding the EO products and installation..… so let’s take a look.

EO Electric Vehicle Charging Products

If you haven’t heard of EO, they are a manufacturer of electric vehicle charging products. It started in 2015 and has been working its way through the markets and now they have a number of products across the home charge and the commercial and workplace charge sectors.

They have a good range of equipment for both the home charge and the workplace charge scheme. We are now proudly able to say that we are accredited installers for the equipment. 

Home EV Chargers

EO Mini is not grant fundable, so it doesn’t come part of the OLEV scheme. It is a neat and tidy single phase small charger available with both the socket and tethered. 

EO Mini Pro, which is OLEV grant fundable. So if you wanted to claim any money back, if you were eligible, then obviously that is the most basic grant fundable charger that EO supply.

EO Mini Smart Home comes with a smart home app and an EO hub. Again, grant fundable and it’s able to integrate with solar panels (PV). If you have solar panels on your roof and you’re considering utilizing some of that solar energy to charge your vehicle, then it’s a great solution that we could install. It allows you to have that integration via the EO hub and the smart home app.

Commercial EV Chargers

EO Basic is designed more around your workplace and destinations where it’s just plug in and instantly start charging. That’s available single and three phase. Again, always type one, type two connectors.

EO Genius is ideal for your workplace or public locations. That will connect to an EO hub and it allows that QR code or RFID authentication for public who register with an app. Then they will be able to scan the QR code on the side of the charger, pay for their charge, and go off on their shopping or work.

EO Hub is used with some EO chargers and it also goes with the EO Genius system. 

EO Cloud allows commercial workplace and public charging managers who manage sites to manage their charge equipment wirelessly via a cloud. It helps not only to manage access and use but assists with faults and diagnostics because it can can talk directly to the charger. It’s a really good solution.

EO ALM (Automatic Load Management)

There is also an Automatic Load Management system that is compatible with the EO equipment. We spoke in a previous article about ALM or Automatic Load Management.

EO accessories are some nice little touches for public and home charge mounting. If you haven’t got a wall to mount it on and you want to put it on some sort of post, then they do design and supply some basic stainless steel posts that are a neat solution and various other things around signage, etc.

EO app for the smartphone world and drivers. More around if you wanted to manage your charger or use the public place charging systems.

Are you looking for an EO installation?

We are ready to install EO equipment and claim any OLEV grant money across the home charge and the workplace charging scheme. You can go onto their website and look at their wonderful products and we will offer the professional install and give you support you want.

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